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The BMB series is a cross between a water wall and a suction bench. The BMB offers a modular work surface together with efficient dust reduction thanks to the outer water layer integrated with the internal one. It is made of prime AISI 304 stainless steel. The BMB suction bench follows the guidelines of HSE Health and Safety Executive.

It is powered by:
- A power panel that is up to EC standards and American UL-CSA
- Submersible pump with pump body and back side impeller in AISI 304 stainless steel
- Highly energy efficient motors (category IE3)
- Easily removable drawer droplet separators
- The containment tank below is tilted for an easy cleaning of the accumulated sludge
- The multi-layer wood work surface is removable to make maintenance easier.
- Supports on both sides with four positions and height adjustable.

Models BMB 20 BMB 30
Length [mm] 2.080 3.080
Width [mm] 1.440 1.440
Height [mm] 2.250 2.250
Vacuum Cleaner’s Power [kW] 3 3
Pump’s Power [kW] 0,75 0,75
Intake Air Amount [m³/h] 10.000 12.000
Noisiness [dB] 69 70
Dust Suppression 98,30% 98,30%
Workbench Surface [mm] 2.000 x 750 3.000 x 750
Maximum load per Workbench [kg] 500 500
Workbench’s Height [mm] 850 850
Workbench’s  Thickness  [mm] 22 22
Tank Capacity [m³] 0.85 1.25
Unladen Weight [Kg] 320 470
Laden Weight [Kg] 1.250 1.800

The BMB series combined suction models allow the operator to work on a multi-layer wood work surface, at the same time offering the functionality of the external water layer in the front of the work area.
The dust produced during processing is suctioned, by ventilators, from the slits on the side, front and on the work surface itself, to then be reduced inside the integrated tower through a water atomization system. The dust is then collected in the tilted tank below, becoming sludge and thus preventing any possibility of dispersion in the air. Water circulation is managed by a submersible pump with stainless steel body and impeller.
The suction bench also has a droplet separator that isolates the water atomization system from the ventilators, not allowing the water or dust to be discharged in the air. The purified air comes out from the top of the reduction tower, allowing recirculation in the location. The machine can also be accessed through the side inspection panels, with the possible extraction of the work surface, in order to clean it or for ordinary maintenance of the parts subject to saturation or natural wear. Whenever the laboratory ceiling is not higher than six metres, our anti-turbulence disperser called PLENUM is recommended.


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